OnPoint L.L.C.

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OnPoint L.L.C. is a St Louis based consulting firm. Our experience ranges from Regulatory proceedings to "premise sales" with the major ILEC's, Network, Finance, Marketing, 9-1-1, fees and surcharges and tax issues. Our experience is comprised of over 45 years in the communications and consulting businesses.

OnPoint not only has the experience to guide clients through the confusing and complicated world of Business Assurance processes that involve, telecommunications, electricity, natural gas and other services and projects.
We know money matters and once Clients engage us they quickly realize the value of using OnPoint to solve their issues.


We reduce costs and increase spendable revenues for Businesses and Government. We provide assurance that the interests of your organization are met. Through OnPoint's unique approach to business assurance issues, OnPoint has saved clients as much as $3 million per project in telecommunications and utility work, often at no cost or risk to them.

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